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Lake Wapello State Park

Located 13 miles from Bloomfield, Lake Wapello State Park has been providing the perfect getaway for years. Its 1,150 acres allow picnicking, camping, swimming, boating, fishing, family cabins, trails, Camp Wapello and a seasonal restaurant serving a variety of foods.

To read more about the lake visit their website.

Lake Wapello State Park
15248 Campground Road
Drakesville IA  52552

Friends of Lake Wapello State Park 

Mission Statement:  To cooperate with the Iowa Department of Resources, by helping increase public awareness and appreciation of Lake Wapello State Park, encouraging public participation in restoration, enhancement, and preservation work and foster public use and enjoyment of the park.

Friends of Lake Wapello State Park has made many improvements to the park including:  fish cleaning stations for the campground and boat ramp areas; playground equipment for the beach area; gravel camping pads and fire grills for the campgrounds; and restoration of native grasses throughout the park.

For information about Friends of Lake Wapello State Park, check out www.lakewapello.org
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McGowen Recreation and Wildlife Area

This is a 290-acre, multi-purpose conservation area which includes a diverse blend of recreational developments for the public. The developments include: development and maintenance of top quality wildlife habitat areas, pond management, prairie management, and providing environmental education programs.

There is a variety of game and non-game wildlife species. With diverse terrain, it features ponds, timbers, open grasslands, wetlands, and crops. The ponds are stocked with bluegill, largemouth bass, catfish and red-ear sunfish. The area contains two small native, tall-grass prairie remnants, which contain a variety of forbs and grasses native to southern Iowa and native reconstructed prairie.

Hours: 5am – 10:30pm

To learn more about the the McGowen Area or about renting a cabin visit their website.

Davis County Conservation Board
22893 215th Street
Bloomfield IA  52537


Lake Fisher Park

Lake Fisher Park features beautiful scenery, excellent fishing and wildlife, shelter housings and recently incorporated a newly constructed campground.

The park contains a 100-acre lake just west of Bloomfield. The state record bass was caught here in 1984.

Parks and Recreation Department
111 West Franklin Street
Bloomfield, Iowa 52537
641-664-2260, ext. 23
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Bloomfield City Park

The Bloomfield City Park is a great place for family and friends to enjoy the outdoors.  The park includes two playground structures, basketball courts, and a swimming pool, where everyone can relax and appreciate Bloomfield’s hometown hospitality.

Bloomfield Swimming Pool
625 East Locust Street
Bloomfield IA  52537

Parks and Recreation Department
111 West Franklin Street
Bloomfield Iowa 52537
641-664-2260, ext. 23


Drakesville City Park

The Drakesville City Park is home to the Davis County Old Soldiers and Settlers Reunion held in July.


Pulaski Park and Old Depot

The Pulaski Park includes an old railroad depot, an old freight wagon and vintage telephone switchboard equipment.  It is also home to the Pulaski Corn Show held in September.


Floris Park

Floris Flag Day is held here in June.


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