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Amish Businesses Addresses

Addresses are Bloomfield, unless indicated otherwise

Acorn Ridge Log Cabins
17270 228th Street

Beechy Concrete Construction
19511 Harvest Avenue

Beechy Sawmill
16391 Eagle Blvd, Drakesville

B&H Welding and Manufacturing
14820 220th Street

Bloomfield Harness Shop
20734 Flora Avenue

Broadhead Collar Shop
17607 200th Street

Cedar Lake Rustic Log Furniture
17355 228th Street

DB Construction
18408 Iris Blvd

DK Remodeling
13738 245th Street

Davis County Hardwoods
15954 Jade Avenue

Drakesville Fabrics
17347 180th Street, Drakesville

Drakesville Pallet
17549 Husky Trail, Drakesville

Dutch Building Center
17218 Kelp Avenue

Dutch Country General Store
17192 Iowa 2

ELS Shoes and More
17982 200th Street

E&N Woodworking
20920 Ice Avenue

Farmer’s Country Market
18780 200th Street

Farmer’s Harness Shop
16721 Kelp Avenue

Fox River Fridges
16852 Eagle Blvd, Drakesville

Fox River Hardwoods
19190 Jaguar Trail

Fox River Produce
18392 200th Street

Fox Valley Enterprises
19915 Earth Lane

Gingerich Chimney Sales
19041 180th Street

Gingerich Logging
16700 Jade Avenue

Gingerich Sawmill
19142 170th Street

Gingerich Strawberry Farm and Greenhouse
16575 Jade Avenue

Golden Acres Greenhouse
18097 Iris Blvd

Graber Custom Kitchens
18155 200th Street

Graber’s Country Store
18932 200th Street

HB Farrier Service
14532 175th Street

H&W Custom Kitchens
17189 200th Street

Hawkeye Building
12654 Highway 2

Hawkeye Welding and Manufacturing
19498 Echo Avenue

Heartland Pole Barns
20005 Earth Lane

Hershberger Bulk Food and Grocery
18834 180th Street

Helmuth Furniture
23736 Highway 63

Highway 2 Discount Groceries
19674 Highway 2

Hillcrest Health Products
17348 Kelp Avenue

Hilltop Greenhouse
11049 Highway 2

Hillview Mini-Barns
15383 180th Street

Homestead Woodworking
21754 Driftwood Blvd

Horizon Buildings
18623 180th Street

Iron Horse Enterprises
12888 Highway 2

Ivan’s Repair
19887 Jade Avenue

J&S Welding
17048 Fawn Avenue

KM Gutterman
13430 220th Street

Kauffman Construction
20632 Ice Avenue

Kauffman Custom Butchering
19965 Flora Avenue

Kauffman’s Kustom Kooling
16708 210th Street

Kuhn’s Bakery
14583 Jewel Avenue

L&E Horse Blankets
15009 230th Street

L&M Country Store
22422 Highway 63

Lone Oak Sewing
20291 Flora Avenue

M&M Custom Sawing
15667 Kelp Avenue

Maple Grove Carriage
16001 220th Street

Mast Engine Service
19636 Flora Avenue

Mast Pallet
18420 Flora Avenue

Mast Sawmill
15105 220th Street

Mast Vinyl Windows
22171 Highway 63

Midwest Gazebo
15650 215th Street

Midwest Kennel
18085 Highway 2

Midwest Truss
17510 212th Street

Miller Buggy Shop
19743 212th Street

Miller’s Crating and Pallet
21882 Highway 63

Miller Furniture
15295 215th Street

Nature Trails
17376 195th Street

New Star Construction
17911 Husky Trail

Prairie View Buggies
16783 230th Street

Redoy Roofing and Siding
15063 195th Street

Shady Lane Variety
16575 Jade Avenue

Southern Iowa Produce Auction
19141 Ice Avenue

T-Corner Furniture
16961 Jade Avenue

T-Corner Woodworking
15969 Jade Avenue

The Sharpening Center
19126 Jade Avenue

Trickle Creek Sawmill
18596 Echo Avenue

Troyer’s Upholstery
13021 245th Street

Valley View Pallets
16366 192nd Street

Valley View Poultry Processing
19699 Flora Avenue

WC Outdoors
16660 240th Street

Wagler Metals
19040 Ice Avenue

Wanna Ride Buggy Shop
21757 Highway 63

Wellness Service
19775 212th Street

West Grove Pallets
14544 225th Street

Wyaconda Valley Components
16366 240th Street

Yoder’s Glass and Window
19467 Driftwood Blvd

Yoder’s Kountry Korner
21050 Ice Avenue

Yoder Lumber
17893 212th Street

Yoder Natural Products
19222 Jade Avenue

Yoder’s Tarp and Canvas
22409 Highway 63

Yoder Welding and Manufacturing
17194 240th Street

Yutzy Repair
15882 180th Street

Yutzy Wood Shop
17607 212th Street

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