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Historic Bloomfield Driving Tour…

The “Historic Bloomfield Driving Tour” begins at the Davis County Welcome Center, 301 North Washington Street (Highway 63).  Stop by to pick up a brochure which will give you directions on where to go on the driving tour and how to listen about each house on your radio.



Weaver House – 102 Weaver Road, Bloomfield

The north side of Bloomfield is graced by the General James B. Weaver home. The age and architecture of the house may not be as significant as the fact that General Weaver built it and once lived there. That has led to the house being designated a “National Historic Landmark”.

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The Green Leaf Place – 425 North Madison Street, Bloomfield

Opened for business as a bed and breakfast in 2007, The Green Leaf Place is one of Bloomfield’s important historic properties. Built in the English Tudor style with natural brick and oak trim in 1912 by Henry Clay Taylor, the original lot was 1¾ acre in size and included the presently standing two-story carriage house.

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Steckel House – 415 North Madison Street, Bloomfield

Built in 1910 for W. J. and Belle Steckel by Weitz Construction of Des Moines, this Colonial Revival style home was designed like a Revolutionary War era home that Mrs. Steckel admired in Philadelphia. The amazing aspect of this home is that while the exterior façade is very traditional, harkening back to the Georgian style of architecture of colonial America, the interior featured the distinctive arts and crafts style that was sweeping across the county at the time.

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Goode House – 402 Goode Street, Bloomfield

Built by L.E. and Rosy Goode, this sprawling Queen Anne inspired farmhouse was completed in 1910. The barn, directly beyond the house, dates back to 1900 and remains a prominent part of the property. The original farm consisted of 43 acres which was purchased in 1894 for $600.

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Wishard House – 406 West Jefferson Street, Bloomfield

The Henry Wishard house at 406 West Jefferson is the only private residence in Bloomfield listed on the National Historic Register.

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Findley House – 205 South Dodge Street (Davis County Historical Complex)

Probably the most interesting aspect of this brick home in vernacular style architecture is the person who built it.  Dr. William Findley, a pioneer physician and early Davis County settler, came west to practice medicine in Iowa, first in Henry County and then on to the tiny Bloomfield settlement in 1843.

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Davis County Courthouse – 100 Courthouse Square, Bloomfield

The original Davis County courthouse was erected in Bloomfield in 1844 for a total cost of $339. The building was 24 by 40 feet and made of logs. By 1851 it was deemed unsuitable for use and a courtroom had to be rented for $100 a year. A Methodist church was eventually used as a courtroom and it was not until 1875 that an election finally authorized the construction of a new courthouse.

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